Karmelina Martina Miss Sarajevo Sofa
  • Karmelina Martina Miss Sarajevo Sofa
  • Karmelina Martina Miss Sarajevo Sofa
On the border between diverse cultures, Sarajevo is a very beautiful city with a turbulent past and a unique identity and mentality. A cherished town with Muslim, Christian, Orthodox and Jewish places of prayer just a hundred or so metres from one another.
“A city in which East and West have come to rest. This is a city,” declared Ivo Andrić, winner of the 1961 Nobel Prize for Literature.

An ideal world that lives on, in the sofa, in the memory of living rooms with the aroma of Turkish coffee, of rooms decked in lace ornaments, of jambolijas (woollen shaggy blankets), of carved wooden tables and the endless variety of handmade tablecloths and napkins which covered them.

The design consists of making a rigid shell with a very linear shape which holds long and slim cushions. In the past sofa cushions were covered with three types of fabric: the central part consisted of one of low quality, with one of average quality at the ends and prized fabric in the centre.

This band could easily be removed, cleaned, washed, embroidered, mended, replaced … Today a band is an optional extra which embellishes the sofa, adds colour and above all the possibility of two different styles of appearance.

Karmelina Martina