Kai Stania Studio Table
  • Kai Stania Studio Table
  • Kai Stania Studio Table
It stands for the essence of a desk - atelier by Kai Stania, made of solid naturally-treated wood. A table-top having two height-adjustable podests is a characteristic reference to the classical architect's desk from which it originated.

The design of the desk is immediately legible - its static and adjustable height can be understood at a glance. The desk represents the term atelier, or studio, perfectly. The adjustable level of the table from 68 cm to 81 cm enables ergonomic work regardless of a person's height. The simple-to-operate height adjustment mechanism is a technical innovation: it is made entirely of solid wood making it currently unique. The clear architectural construction of the desk combined with the sensual charm of natural wood creates an appealing tension between tradition and modernity.

Kai Stania