Kai Stania Lift Table
  • Kai Stania Lift Table
  • Kai Stania Lift Table
Having a clear design mode, sensual material and innovative application, lift by Kai Stania stands for a new generation of sofa tables. The special feature: the sofa table can be raised from 35 cm to 71 cm smoothly through a lever below the table-top.

Whether set low as a surface in front of the sofa or raised to table height for a quick lunch lift is perfect for the flexible needs of modern life. The clear, simple design mode contrasts successfully with the technical sophistication of the sofa table. The table top: quadratic, created from high-quality, perfectly-crafted solid wood.

The central stand: cubistically linear, with matt or polished chromium plating. It makes the table appear to float. The sensual yet clear mixture of materials combined with innovative technology creates a functionally-oriented aesthetic which proves its worth in day-to-day use.

Kai Stania