Josh Owen SOS Stool
  • Josh Owen SOS Stool
  • Josh Owen SOS Stool
Multifunctional stool. Created for relaxed, convivial moments. The two elements attached to the seat can be used as cup-holders, handles (for use as a tray) or hooks. Turned upside-down it becomes a fun and unusual vase or container. Created in mass-colored polyethylene it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

"I have always been interested in small stools. Commonly considered less desirable than chairs as an object of study for designers, they are a seating category often overlooked in general.

Now synonymous with a distress signal, S.O.S. began as a naval term: the original meaning was "Save Our Ship". Like a life-raft, the SOS Stool is a floating island of utility that extends beyond the parameters of what we consider a temporary seat."

Josh Owen


white, black, blue, light brown, orange

l.56 d.35 h.44 cm Ø seat 28 hs. 44 cm

Josh Owen

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