Josef Hoffmann Salon Seating
  • Josef Hoffmann Salon Seating
  • Josef Hoffmann Salon Seating
Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten unveiled its Salon easy chair, based on an undated drawing by Josef Hoffmann, in 2005. The success of this small, exceptionally comfortable easy chair prompted Wittmann to develop the Salon sofa, again taking its cue from the original sketch.

These pieces, which form part of the Recreation range, stem from Hoffmann's later work, and reveal a new and hitherto unsuspected side of the great designer. Josef Hoffmann lived from 1870 to 1956, and the armchair probably dates back to the 1930s. Both models are further proof that the enduring quality of Hoffmann's designs enables them to hold their own in contemporary interiors.

Josef Hoffmann