Jonah Becker, Scott Croyle and Claude Zellweger One & Co 47 Table
  • Jonah Becker, Scott Croyle and Claude Zellweger One & Co 47 Table
One & Co. is led by three designers, Jonah Becker, Claude Zellweger and Scott Croyle, who describe their process as "informed intuition that combines art and science, business and creativity, intelligence and beauty." (If they could just bottle that combo, they'd be billionaires.) Keeping an eye on the sustainability of our planet is also crucial to One & Co., and their 47 Table (2010) is no exception. Beginning with reclaimed Douglas fir timbers from old buildings, a proprietary low-VOC process is used to coat the wood with a brilliant layer of silver. (The table is not electroplated as that would result in toxic runoff.) The stunning surface plays up the true character of the wood, bringing out intricate and unique details of each piece. The silver is allowed to tarnish in some areas, and then the entire surface is protected with a clear coat finish to prevent any further tarnish. As for the name of this table, "47" is the atomic number of silver, and the height of the table is 47cm (18.5").

Reclaimed Douglas fir timber; silver; clear coat; cork base.

H 18.5" W 11" D 11"

Jonah Becker
Scott Croyle
Claude Zellweger

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