Johan Olin Aamu Song, August Stool
  • Johan Olin Aamu Song, August Stool
  • Johan Olin Aamu Song, August Stool
Following the methods that Aamu Song & Johan olin of COMPANY have used in their ’Secrets’ projects, the August Stool follows the inventions of Nikari master carpenters Rudi Merz and Kari Virtanen.

“The firm connection between the legs and the seat is made using parts of tree where a branch has grown – the strongest part of the tree – an innovation Rudi has previously used in coat hangers. The seat of the stool is shaped as sharp as Mr. Virtanen always is. The August stool ’Rudi-Kari’ stands on Rudi's legs and carries Kari's head.”
COMPANY is Aamu Song & Johan Olin's design practice based in Helsinki.
They work as artists, designers, and producers, running their own shop Salakauppa (Secret Shop) in Helsinki.
Their process begins with visiting factories and craftsmen, seeing what they are capable of producing and then designing products that correlate with the skills of the manufacturers.

diameter 300-350, height 400-450 mm
ash and maple
surface finish: natural wood oil mix
** delivery time 4-6 months

Johan Olin