Joan Gaspar Led Pipe Lamp
  • Joan Gaspar Led Pipe Lamp
  • Joan Gaspar Led Pipe Lamp
  • Joan Gaspar Led Pipe Lamp
This light is and extension of the Led Pipe reading lamp range. Its calculated dimensions and its rotating system makes it a highly functional reading light. This new version consists of a lens that directs a clear beam of light produced by a 3 watt LED light source. Built-in switch. Led Pipe is made of metal and has a die cast aluminium head. It is available in five different colors, perfectly adaptable to contemporary interiors.

The designer:
"Only a wall light version of the LED PIPE existed and logic said that we should design a reading lamp, given that the reduced dimensions of the shade readily lent themselves to it. We were looking for an uncomplicated solution, which was, at the same time, straightforward, unpretentious and not garish, whilst being totally sound ergonomically in the first instance to ensure that the user could direct the beam of light without difficulty, secondly that the heat at the points of potential hand contact with the apparatus would not cause harm and finally to incorporate the switch into the shade. All these proved possible and today we have the LED PIPE Standard Lamp."

Joan Gaspar