Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
  • Jeff Weber Caper Chairs
A caper is a light-hearted leap. Thus, Caper - a family of nimble, stylish chairs that make moving easy and brighten up a room with their color and flair. Pull up a couple of Caper chairs for collaborative work. Pull one up as a side chair. Pull a whole Caper Cart of chairs from the conference room to the cafeteria.

These days, people are doing more work outside their individual offices or workstations. They often work in spaces used throughout the day by lots of other people too. As a result, so-called secondary seating now often acts as primary seating. Workers move, businesses move - furniture should move easily with that constant flux. Caper chairs provide the kind of flexibility active workers crave. Lightweight, portable, stackable, movable - they help people come together, move around - whatever the work demands.
Multiple uses. One chair provides a variety of solutions - in meeting spots, multipurpose rooms, as workstation guest seating, in drop-in and hoteling workstations, conference rooms, team areas, breakout spaces, and training areas. With ganging connectors, Capers make a tidy presentation space. Connectors come installed and don't interfere with stacking.

Multiple places. Caper also works in retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and recreational environments. They are ideal for informal, flexible spaces where reconfiguration is encouraged, smaller scale is important, and budget matters.
Lightweight and easy to move - singly or as a group - Caper chairs weigh about half as much as competitive models; the stackable chair without armrests weighs only 9.5 pounds. Their compact size uses valuable floor space efficiently.

Designed to be portable, Caper chairs can be stacked six-high on the floor or 15-high on the Caper Cart and then moved easily as a group.

Available with casters or with standard glides for carpets. Stacking chairs can be equipped with innovative Floor Saver Glides, which don't mar hard finishes and are ideal for vinyl composition tiles (VCT); the glide pushes dirt out of the way instead of running it over and grinding it into the tile. Easy - and safe - to pull over here or push into a group over there.

The light, clean design of Caper chairs fits in without dominating the look or feel of a work area. Caper blends visually with nontraditional work chairs; its colors and form make Caper an ideal side-chair complement to the Mirra work chair.

Caper is available in several colors, from playful primaries to sophisticated neutrals, each one energizing a workspace. Several colors match the Mirra chair molded back.
Small but mighty comfortable. The contoured, flexible seat and back evenly distribute weight, minimize pressure points, and let the user move freely. Both the seat and back are perforated with small holes to help keep the sitter cool.

Seats are available with FLEXNET, a strong, breathable suspension material that enhances comfort and distributes weight evenly.

Each Caper chair is 100% recyclable and made of 21% recycled material. Because all Caper chairs, including the multipurpose chair, weigh about half as much as competitive models, fewer materials and less energy are required for their manufacture. Caper chairs adhere to McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) Cradle to Cradle Design Protocol and are GREENGUARD certified and may contribute to LEED credits.

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