Jeff Miller Littlebig Backless Chair
  • Jeff Miller Littlebig Backless Chair
  • Jeff Miller Littlebig Backless Chair
Littlebig Backless is the first of a series of variants of the Littlebig chair, designed by Jeff Miller for Baleri Italia in 2006.

The seat is a three-dimensional curved multi-plywood monocoque shell assembled with an elliptical aluminium cantilever structure. The shell is connected to the base only along the front edge and the seat remains visually suspended in space. This solution is made possible by the combination of an innovative 3D bending technology and the use of a special multilayered plywood material. The result is a shell that features complex curves while retaining extreme rigidity and structural integrity

When compared to its older sister, Backless offers a reduced structure and consequently a smaller footprint, a lower weight and a great versatility of use. The back of the shell features an elliptical aluminium handle to lift and slide the chair with ease.

Littlebig is available with polished aluminium structure and oak veneer shell in bleached white, open-pore asphalt black or covered in leather in three colours (natural, burgundy and black) and with aluminium structure painted in white, red or black and shell in lacquered wood in the same colour of the structure.

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