Jean-Marie Massaud Seven Table
  • Jean-Marie Massaud Seven Table
  • Jean-Marie Massaud Seven Table
Characterized by the particular shape of its top, with three different sides, it is able to accommodate seven people or, as its designer likes to say, 6+1.

More similar to a rounded table in conviviality terms, it subtracts itself from the hierarchy imposed by a rectangular table which entails having two heads of the table.

3+2+2 chairs should be placed on each side; its asymmetry re-invents the way to sit at a table by allowing new relationships between meal companions. The Seven sign makes it so strongly recognisable that it changes the layout of space and modifies its perception.

The three branch design of the structure resurfaces from the top, creating a graphic decoration in contrast or chromatically harmonic. The whole metal structure is varnished in white, black, mustard-yellow, blue, burgundy and orange. The wooden top comes in light, grey and brown oak or satin-varnished in fourteen different colours.

Jean-Marie Massaud

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