Jean-Marie Massaud Lightwing Lamp
  • Jean-Marie Massaud Lightwing Lamp
Controlling light to adapt to momentary requirements is at the heart of the new project by Jean Marie Massaud, Lightwing. This new floor lamp is appealing both for its strong technical qualities and poetic language. A bold shape with soft silhouettes, which stands out in space and recalls the world of architecture, Lightwing is a shape that is continuously evolving, much like the type of light it produces. A long and slim rod supports the housing of the LED light source, and, beside it, an adjustable screen allows the light to be directed as desired.

Designed with an asymmetrical shape with a soft mark - which recalls the shapes found in nature, a sail blowing in the wind or a wing - the reflector is a silhouette that changes with the movement of the reflector.Secured to the frame with a magnetic sphere that swivels in every direction, the reflector allows a multitude of different positions with an extremely fluid movement.

Lighting directly or indirectly by reflection, the Lightwing lamp can hence be used for reading or for ambient lighting, with very different effects from the intense LED light.To allow an easy adjustment of light and to achieve optimal lighting at all times, a touch dimmer is included in the upper body, which supports the light source.The lamp rests on a square base, where the slender rod, positioned to one side of the base and of the reflector, rises to emphasise the elegance, painstaking attention to detail and curves, which together distinguish the frame from others.

To underscore the pureness of the silhouette, the choice of colours could not be anything but total black or total white. A refined matt finish for the white version is complemented by the audacious and contemporary spirit of the glossy black finish.

width 210 mm
height 2050 mm

Jean-Marie Massaud