Jean Marie Massaud Arch Sofa System
  • Jean Marie Massaud Arch Sofa System
Lightness, comfort, elegance and timelessness characterize this new sofa system. Its peculiar identity is given by the thin arch-shaped frame from aluminium.

Structure in solid wood, base with a metal insert and elastic belts, covered with indeformable variable-density polyether.

The sofa rests on a 8 mm thick aluminium structure joined to the foot through a small curved arch, in semigloss white or black, or satin-finished aluminium. Linear corner or curved allow for a variety of configurations.

The upholstery, either in fabric or leather, covers the sofa completely. Removable upholstery.

Length of sectionals:
intermediate 74, 110 cm.
corner intermediate 91 cm.
curved intermediate 120 cm.
End sectional w/ or w/o arm L or R 110 and 146 cm.
Special end sectional L or R 146 cm.
Dims of sofas: 218, 250, 295 cm.

Standard depth 91 cm. , back height 70 cm. , seat height 36 cm.

Jean Marie Massaud

MDF Italia