JBA Design Party Pouf
  • JBA Design Party Pouf
  • JBA Design Party Pouf
  • JBA Design Party Pouf
A range of poufs or ottoman with different sizes and fabrics. The proportions are always generous and welcoming. The fabrics used to dress the poufs are soft and elastic and are ornamented by the addition of an over-sized button in the center.

A rising shape placed solidly on short legs crafted from naturally finished timber gives the ottoman a sensual and playful air, with a hint of nostalgia for the classic chesterfield and the warm hand-knitted woolen caps used during the long Swedish winters.

The smaller sized Party is perfect for resting your legs on, while the larger version offers a relaxed and comfortable seating alternative.

structure in ply, padding in fire-resistant polyurethane, feet in solid timber

large: L/W 100 P/D 100 H 42; small: L/W 60 P/D 60 H 36

bi-elastic fabric

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