Javier Mariscal Reiet Chair and Table
  • Javier Mariscal Reiet Chair and Table
Reiet is a collection of chairs and tables expressing in a really good way the irony on which its design development is based. Two serious things, such as the wood turning technology and the chair used by the kings, have been developed in an ironic way through a reduction of shape and proportions. When Eugenio Perazza asked us to develop the project of some products in turned wood we started to design some baroque pieces, as we thought at first that baroque could correspond at best to the wood turning technology. Later, when developing the project, the shapes became easier, cleaner and subtler and in this way we achieved a very expressive result. Wood creates a two-dimensional shape, where curved lines match with right angles to highlight the typical features of turned wood.

Trono is a product giving a power feature to the seating and this is obtained through the high back, the arms giving a noble bearing and the graphics on the chair back. A throne to make the children feel- as never before – the kings of the house.

Javier Mariscal