Jan Padrnos Tee Coat Hanger
  • Jan Padrnos Tee Coat Hanger
The coat-hanger Tee comes from the design department of a Czech designer Jan Padrnos and won a prestigious Interior Innovation Award 2012. Tee complies with the strict criteria both in the field of technical workmanship and a practical application, as well as in the field of modern design.

According to the designer, this is a coat-hanger which won’t take much space vertically, yet it is of large capacity. Advantage of this coat-hanger is variable height level, so even small children can reach it as a result, which many hangers do not allow as yet. The coat-hanger is intended for those who like pure minimalisms. It is fully functional and uses very few means to it, both in terms of material and shape.

Jan Padrnos