Jan Kath Ferrara Radi Rocked Red
  • Jan Kath Ferrara Radi Rocked Red
Radi and its dynamically organic design form the background. On top of this are elements from Erased Classic that provide the carpet with a pattern and a new structure. Through the choice of powerful fluorescent colors, motifs from Italian wall coverings and Indian saris that ordinarily have a simple, noble effect find a completely different expression.

Jan Kath has also resurrected fringes. Long and brightly colored, they give these carpets an additional, slightly hippie-esque touch. The two completely different designs are not meant to compete with each other. Instead, they blend together to create a new, unexpected sense of vitality. Jan Kath's building-block concept also holds true for Radi Deluxe.

Customers are free to choose not only the design combination, but also colors, materials (Tibetan highland wool, stinging nettles, silk, cashmere), knot density and size.

Jan Kath

Jan Kath