James Irvine Belvedere Mirror
  • James Irvine Belvedere Mirror
Mirror. Methacrylate with an expanded PVC support.

“If you flik through an atlas, one of those in pastel colours, you immediately see the shape of each country.
Some are beautiful, some are ugly.
Some are interesting, some are boring.
Italy has the fortune of really being a “Beautiful Country”, it is not really a compliment to call it “the boot”.
For me it seems more like a leg.
A leg which is rather beautiful.
Where could you hang this mirror? In a pizzeria, in a travel agency or in the foyer of an important Italian company where it might be useful for a beautiful girl to put on her lipstick.."

BELVEDERE reproduces the shape of Italy in big size: a familiar shape that becomes new.
Not only does it amplify the space it also makes the living environment a little ironic.

cm 88 x 107 h x 1,3 s

James Irvine