Jakob Wagner Branch Table
  • Jakob Wagner Branch Table
The frame of the Branch table is made of identical aluminum elements that put together form a unified hole. The elements interconnect seamlessly and dissolve where one ends and the next begin, in a continuous movement. This creates and an interesting visual play between the oneness of each element and the wholeness of the frame. When assembled they form a complex yet logic supporting frame that makes a very stable and light table.

One single component is repeated 3, 4 or 5 times to create a family of tables. The dimensions have been conceived so that 2 people can sit between each leg and the table can be for 4-6-8-10-12 people. It is easy to assemble and takes little space to transport. The surface can be in glass or mdf lacquered white, charcoal, mud, natural oak and wengè; the frame can be in glossy aluminium or painted in the same color of the top.

cm ø130, 160 e 190 x H75
cm 150 x 150 x H75
cm 120 x 170 x H75

Jakob Wagner