Jakob Timpe Elane Floor Lamp
  • Jakob Timpe Elane Floor Lamp
  • Jakob Timpe Elane Floor Lamp
  • Jakob Timpe Elane Floor Lamp
Elane Floor is a complement to the attractive table luminaire Elane. Using the same simple and elegant style, serien.lighting joined forces with designer Jacob Timpe to develop a reading luminaire. Not only does Elane Floor offer all the qualities you expect of a reading lamp, it is also both easy to operate and can be used practically anywhere: as a reading luminaire alongside a chair, sofa or bed, in the living-room, dining-room or nursery, in a lounge, foyer or waiting area.

To the sides, Elane Floor emits diffuse light and provides a pleasant, gentle ambient light, but both upwards and downwards it is directed and bright. So that light can be directed flexibly the standing luminaire was fitted with a hinge especially developed for this series. The neck and shade can both be swiveled and tilted by 360 degrees.

Despite its delicate and slender style, Elane moves with absolute precision, quietly and with little resistance. Elane Floor can also be swiveled on the luminaire base. This means its light can be directed precisely and produced just where it is needed. The luminaire is switched on and off via a toggle switch integrated into the shade.

The Elane family’s graceful design language results from a long development period and is an expression of ingenious maximum performance. A conscious decision was made to opt for sophisticated technology over unsightly joining sections. Like an organically developed form the rod and base merge into one another. The precise finishing of the luminaire is wonderfully illustrated in the fabric-covered shade: All parts naturally blend with one another.

Jakob Timpe