Jakob Timpe Camp Lamp
  • Jakob Timpe Camp Lamp
  • Jakob Timpe Camp Lamp
  • Jakob Timpe Camp Lamp
With a Pop and avant-garde aesthetic, Jakob Timpe has created with the Camp lamp a big polypropylene structure. The flexibiliy of its neck reproduces the movement of the straws used to drink sodas. It is capable of adapting to any lighting need and position.

Round shapes, a long body, flexibility and sobriety. Slender and elegant, the Camp can be directed anywhere a concentrated amount of light is needed. Comprised of a large cone fused together with a smaller one by a flexible neck, the lamp guarantees a stable position from which a beam of light can be pointed in any direction.

Thanks to its multiple positions the Camp can create a pleasant atmosphere of indirect light when focused towards the ceiling while the dimmer is able to controle the beam with precision.

Jakob Timpe