Jake Phipps Loveseat
  • Jake Phipps Loveseat
  • Jake Phipps Loveseat
  • Jake Phipps Loveseat
A seat with a unique and original design, almost a sculpture in wood. LOVESEAT is made from the heartwood of cedar tree trunks; the name is evoked by the two ergonomically created seats positioned so that those sitting can maintain eye-contact with each other. Ideal as an accessory for both indoor and outdoor furniture. (provided it does not have direct contact with water, sun or ice).

This article is entirely made in solid cedar wood: thus any movement, cracks and changes in the wood compared with its condition at the moment of purchase should not be attributed to imperfections of the product, but rather to natural adjustment of the wood to its new environmental conditions.

L 125 x W 50 x H 50 cm

Jake Phipps

Riva 1920 Industria Mobili SpA