Jaime Tresserra Bookcase
  • Jaime Tresserra Bookcase
  • Jaime Tresserra Bookcase
  • Jaime Tresserra Bookcase
  • Jaime Tresserra Bookcase
  • Jaime Tresserra Bookcase
Bookcase with frame in antiqued nickel; shelves in Pascoso walnut.

The bookcase can be supplied with a practical sliding ladder, mounted on turned derlin wheels, which is in itself a delightful aesthetic piece. The modules have concealed shelves for use as bookrests when you linger to consult or immerse yourself in your favourite book. The shelves can be fitted with special led lighting. Dimensions according to project.

The Dessiè Tecnica Collection created from an exclusive project by Jaime Tresserra startles and enchants by its essential elegance: something completely new from the famous Catalan designer who has put his name on a project for another company for the first time.

A project sustained by exemplary geometry and rigour, uniting Tresserra's contemporary and international sensibility with his great craftsmanship, to create furniture that does not seek scenic solutions but solely beauty and functionality. His guidelines are the parameters of formal perfection and spatial flexibility, where materials and finishing emphasise the balance and simplicity of the collection.

First created in 2005, Tecnica has now expanded with new elements: the low table with magazine holder, the wardrobe closet and the bookcase with drawers on little wheels and two lamps, one on the floor and the other suspended. In these pieces of high narrative quality we again see design with "industrial" inspiration, achieved with contrasts, where the warmth of wood meets the strength of steel. Meanwhile, the technical precision reveals the brilliance of the details and fittings.

Other elements in the series are: the conference table and the tall and low chests-of-drawers, all of which are modular and can be personalised in single or double units, and which stand alongside the bookcase and desk and share their stylistic premises.

All these pieces are in metal with antiqued nickel trim, joints in stainless steel, and surfaces, drawers and containers in Pascoso walnut.

Tecnica at Dessiè: unique, elegant detail for exclusive furniture.

Jaime Tresserra