Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise Capsule Light
  • Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise Capsule Light
  • Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise Capsule Light
Made from two capsule-like felt shells -one in color to direct light and the other in white to diffuse it- our Capsule pendant lamp emits a soft and relaxing glow. Install it as a single unit for intimate lighting or group them in dynamic arrangements to liven up a room.

Using traditional felt molding technologies and local manufacturers as a source of inspiration, the Capsule Light explores felt's natural beauty as a material for diffusing light. Material density softens and directs light, producing relaxing atmospheres that range from the warm and relaxed to the psychedelic and fun.

Height: 12 in / 30.5 cm
Diameter: 8 in / 20 cm
Max. Cord Length: 170 in / 4.3 m
An energy-saving 26W bulb is suitable for use; lower electricity consumption and longer life. (Not included)
*Accepts standard socket bulbs Max 300W

Color Options
Evening Gray, Camel and Kiwi

Environment / Social
Renewable + Recyclable + Compostable.

Shades are made from 100% wool.

Designed for easy disassembly for transportation and recycling. Shades are manufactured by one of the last remaining millineries in the USA. Design requires the use of compact fluorescent light bulb.

Made in the USA from locally sourced materials.

Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise