A. Jacob Marks Saddlestool
  • A. Jacob Marks Saddlestool
  • A. Jacob Marks Saddlestool
  • A. Jacob Marks Saddlestool
This spring at the ICFF in New York City, North Carolina based Skram Furniture Company is set to debut an assortment of new items by lead designer A. Jacob Marks. Among these is Saddlestool, an item which boldly underlines Skram’s mission to craft approachable modern furniture of unparalleled workmanship.

At once dramatic and understated, Saddlestool is a stunning addition to Skram’s seating collection. As the name indicates, the new item is a stool constructed of heavy-weight saddle leather and informed by techniques of Western saddlery.

Of the new design, Marks observes, “My vision for the piece sprung from the desire to highlight the structural, tactile qualities of saddle leather in an unmistakably modern context.”

Beyond the overlap in material (saddle leather) and function (you sit on it), the defiantly low-tech design also references traditional saddlery in its construction. Saddlestool is handmade: the only tools employed are sharp knives, needles, and awls. The leather is hand-mitered and joined with high strength waxed linen thread using the saddle-stitch method.

With Saddlestool Skram applies its trademark workmanship to an innovative concept. Austere yet refined, functional yet striking, Saddlestool is quintessentially Skram.
The item is offered in two standard sizes: 12w/d x 18h and 10w/d x25h, as well as three standard options for the drum-dyed vegetable tanned leather: black, tan, and chestnut.

Like most Skram furniture, Saddlestool is customizable in material and scale.

low: w: 12
d: 12
h: 18

high: w: 10
d: 10
h: 25

A. Jacob Marks