Ino Piazza Quadro Table
  • Ino Piazza Quadro Table
  • Ino Piazza Quadro Table
Created using essential geometric forms, Quadro is inspired by the theories of the artists at the avantgarde of abstraction. Specific references are made to Piet Mondrian whose representations of natural forms underwent a process of deconstruction through a process of abstract synthesis. The process of abstraction consists in the progressive simplification of the forms and spaces, reducing them to a harmonious sequence of lines. Analysed form different view points and thanks to the glass top, the intersections between the geometric forms offer a vision of constantly changing dynamic metamorphosis. Light, sculptural and functional, Quadro is perfect for use in a multitude of settings.

powder coated metal, glass

L/W 220 P/D 100 H 73

structure: white; table top: transparent ‘extra-clear’ glass

Ino Piazza