Ingo Maurer Team Birdie´s Ring Lamp
  • Ingo Maurer Team Birdie´s Ring Lamp
Metal, goose-feather wings, 12 low-voltage halogen bulbs. Three LEDs with reflectors, inte- grated into the round body. Bulbs and LEDs are dimmable. Integrated transformers. Halogen bulbs, total of 120 W, 1200 lm, 10 lm/W. 24 V. LEDs, each 7 W, 530 lm, 2700 K. Diametre approx. 120 cm.

Birdie’s Ring is a new member in the family of winged bulbs. It is height-adjustable and can also be suspended at a slight angle.

Ingo Maurer Team

Ingo Maurer