Ingo Maurer and Team Bakarú Lamp
  • Ingo Maurer and Team Bakarú Lamp
  • Ingo Maurer and Team Bakarú Lamp
  • Ingo Maurer and Team Bakarú Lamp
  • Ingo Maurer and Team Bakarú Lamp
BaKaRú is a low-voltage lighting system fed by a transformer which reduces the 230/125-volt mains current to 12 volts. The transformer (max. capacity 200 watts) is fitted with an integrated Watch Tronic power monitoring system and a thermal fuse. Materials: Plastic, metal, ceramic, Multi-Mirror reflectors with protective glass cover, 12 volts, 20/50 watts, GX 5,3 socket (EU/US standard). Complete with heat-resistant shades (colour: natural), bulbs, drilling template and cable-tautener. BaKaRú is equally suitable for wall or ceiling installation. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically or even on the diagonal.
BaKaRú is available as a wall or ceiling set with the following components: 1 transformer, 3 special cables with fixtures, 6 rods for ceiling installation and a choice of 5, 7 or 10 lighting elements. The lighting elements can be moved along the cables and turned in any direction. The insulated tensioning bolts make it possible to install the lamp on any surface, including conductive materials. The special cables can be supplied in lengths of 6, 8 or 10 m. For longer cables the use of a second transformer (with the necessary insulators) is recommended. Maximum capacity of cables: 350 watts. Shades in black, blue or silver are also available (not included in standard sets). N.B. the dimmer (if any) must be specially adapted for halogen lighting.

This product is compatible with lamps belonging to energy classes: A++,A+,B,C,D,E
The product is sold with a lamp belong to the energy class: B
Energy classes on a scale of A++ (highest efficiency) to E (lowest efficiency).

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