Inga Sempe Armoire Souple Storage
  • Inga Sempe Armoire Souple Storage
Inga Sempé has done substantial research on the pleat and, this time, uses its characteristics to create the façades of an amazing storage module…

Made of a sycamore structure, its flexible cupboard can be accessed from the front or the back and, by stacking, enables storage space of variable dimensions to be created.

Access to this flexible cupboard is by simply sliding and folding back a pleated textile surface along a rail. Precisely observed and studied, the mechanical qualities inherent in the pleat applied to the simple and recurring gesture of opening and closing.

Available in 4 colours, a large number of combinations, horizontal, vertical with 2, 4, 6, 9 elements, are available. Its dual access and the possibility of stacking several also enables it to be used as an element partitioning the space.

Inga Sempè