Iiro Viljanen MyBox Writing Desk
  • Iiro Viljanen MyBox Writing Desk
"The design combined my own personal needs and the wishes of customers", says Iiro Viljanen, who created MyBox.

"My own desk was often a terrible mess, really. It was covered with all sorts of sketches and drafts, not complete enough to be archived, yet too valuable to be thrown in the bin. In other words, they were papers that I usually looked at every day.

On the other hand, customers had expressed wishes for a smaller desk, one that would take up less floor space, particularly in companies where people spent most of their time outside the office. In such offices, room arrangements undergo frequent changes, and so the furniture should make moving easy and be fitted with castors. After all, people don't want to leave their personal documents out in the open for everyone to see when they're not around.

This was the backdrop for the creation of MyBox. You don't need to tidy up your desk: just close your laptop lid, lower the desk screen as a cover and lock it up - with longer absences, you can roll the desk out of the way thanks to the castors. This leaves you with a neat-looking desk, with your stuff under lock and key.When you return, whether from a lunch break or a full holiday, you can resume working without delay."

Iiro Viljanen

Martela Oy