Hugo De Ruiter DS 166 Armchair
  • Hugo De Ruiter DS 166 Armchair
  • Hugo De Ruiter DS 166 Armchair
  • Hugo De Ruiter DS 166 Armchair
The DS -166 from Hugo de Ruiter can justifiably lay claim to being unique and unrepeatable. The original idea was based on an artistic principle, yet without neglect of functionality.

The outer form of the armchair has all the quality of a sculpture thanks to its upward tapering lines. This in turn results not from a mere whim of the designer or from the proverbial wet finger held aloft to see which way the wind is blowing. To the contrary: it is the palpable consequence of the inherent laws of ergonomics.

What Hugo de Ruiter is attempting to do with the DS-166 is to express the idea of comfort and security through the swell of the armchair#s lines. And it is a security that anyone sitting in the DS-166 feels most profoundly. In figurative terms, his design blends the concepts of guarding and cosseting. The armchair#s swivel-tilt mechanism additionally helps underpin a sense of the lightness of being. In the DS-166, the grande geste of design becomes a harbinger of comfort, while the reduction of its lines imbues this seating with a peerless richness.

Hugo de Ruiter

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