Horst Philipp Rumba Table
  • Horst Philipp Rumba Table
  • Horst Philipp Rumba Table
Rumba combines tradition and modernity in an act of motion. Entangled tightly they dance into the heart of the contemplator -sometimes slow and longing, then wild and erotic. Rumba is a deep feeling. Rumba is music - shaped like a table.

- made from Absam light brown ash wood with intense drawing
- handmade in a small carpentry
- 35 mm thick top-layer
- mortised legs with a lunge - for a secure stand with style
- hand-planed - for easy care and a polished surface
- treated with special wood soap - nourishes the cells and cleans from the inside
- gets transported hardly more than 3 KM during production
- Rumba can be produced in different types of wood an different sizes
- L|W|H: 1200|1200|780 mm
- material: Absam light brown ash

Rumbas role-model is the traditional Jogl-Table, a rustic table with a simple construction. This Jogl-Table now got lottefied. Rumba is the table for the bon vivant that loves to get carried away by music. Rumbas little lunge indi¬cates a movement and the conical glues planks seem to swing. The language of its shape accentuates its essence, the noble material and the precisely placed steps underline the effect.

Horst Philipp

Tante Lotte