Horst Philipp Baam Table
  • Horst Philipp Baam Table
  • Horst Philipp Baam Table
  • Horst Philipp Baam Table
Baam is well-balanced calmness. It got nothing to do with the overrated calm before the storm though. Baam does want to trigger nothing. Baam aligns. Baam pauses in the eye of the hurricane. Around Baam there might be chaos, but Baam itself stands still. And whoever sits down stays seated.

- made from a Terra Ash Tree - intergrowth, knotholes, cracks
- planks are cut and glued with the goal of maximizing the usable surface
- 60 mm thick top-layer
- framework made from oiled steel
- special fixture gives the table plate the required space to move and work
- hand-planed - for easy care and a polished surface
- treated with special wood soap - nourishes the cells and cleans from the inside
- each Baam is made individually - different sizes available on request
- moon wood from progressive, sustainable forestry
- L|W|H  2000|1000|780 mm
- material: steel, tree (terra ash)

This table is a tree - this tree is a table. Enough categorizing. It can be a dining table or a writing table, a work table or a cutting table. Baam does not want to waste time putting everything in a box. Like the tree that it is made of, like its very own wood that withstood environmental turmoil for hundreds and hundreds of years, it is immovable and grounded.

Horst Philipp

Tante Lotte