Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
  • Hierve Brick Stool
This intriguing collection celebrates a humble, universal building medium, juxtaposing it with beautifully crafted wood. Brick is a surprising material for furniture, usually reserved for exterior structures, so it speaks of buildings and architecture, of solidity and uniformity. The interplay of contrasts is a recurring theme for H, a means to create classic yet edgy furniture. With a 28mm thickness top of up to 3 meters in length, the asymmetric Brick table employs cutting-edge wood technology, and can be fully dismantled for transport. The Brick bench features soft leather cushioning, while the Brick sideboard comes with or without drawers.

The Brick Stool celebrates an everyday material by giving it centre stage on a piece of fine furniture. The grainy, uneven texture of man-made brick is contrasted with smooth natural wood, creating a pleasing juxtaposition of color and feel.
The wooden top of the Stool is 20mm thick, while its wooden legs have brick tiles glued to one side, and are 35mm thick. It also works perfectly as a side table or two or more units could be used as a more central coffee table.
The bricks used on the side table legs are available in seven different color and surface types.
H also offers a bespoke service, so clients can order a Brick Stool in virtually any size and in a customised finish.

Technical description
Stool in solid wood and bricks that can also be used as a side table. Legs in solid wood with bricks
glued to one side of each leg.

Solid wood selection:
• Oak natural oil
• Oak white oil
• Ash natural oil
• European walnut natural oil

Bricks available in seven different types, depending on colour and finish:
• Celina smooth yellow
• Celina rough yellow
• Celina rough orange
• Celina smooth red
• Celina rough red
• Celina rough brown 1
• Celina rough brown 2

45 x 40 x 46.5 cm

Seat thickness:
20 mm

Leg thickness:
35 mm

Bricks dimensions:
6.5cm x 21.5cm x 1.5cm


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