Hella Jongerius Porcupine Desk
  • Hella Jongerius Porcupine Desk
  • Hella Jongerius Porcupine Desk
As an ideal companion to the Panton Chair, the Porcupine Desk provides children with a perfect place to play or draw. The small wooden table contrasts appealingly with the plastic chairs and also asserts a distinctive identity with its asymmetrical shape.

The table surface shows a printed motif resembling a charm bracelet, with animal shapes and other symbols attached to a chain link circle. Some of the links in the chain are bored through the tabletop, so that coloured markers supplied with the desk can be stored in the holes. Add a little imagination, and the table resembles a porcupine- which is what inspired the name.

width 570 mm
height 540 mm
length 720 mm

Hella Jongerius