Hans Thyge Raunkjær Day Desk
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Day Desk
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Day Desk
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Day Desk
The origin of all tables two trestles and one top has been adapted by the Danish Designer Hans Thyge Raunkjær combined with innovative tech-nique as well as a sophisticated choice of material - an elegant, highly specialized and incredibly simple folding table has been created for the Danish Furniture producer R. Randers.

Thanks to the design - there is no cross bar - the DAY folding table is extremely light and flexible and thus ideal for a whole range of applications where many different purposes are required. The steadiness of the table is secured by the folding mechanism developed by  Raunkjær as it encircles the U-shaped pipes of the frame on each side just where the curve of the frame starts to be fixed to the table top. As the table top only touches the frame at these four points a vision of a hovering table is formed. This effect combined with its slim legs gives the multi-purpose table a clean minimalistic look.

Also the construction of the frame and the mechanism is made from two different new materials: The shining polished Aluminium provides a contrast to the matte tinted nylon. All in all it does not only have a light look but is also light in weight and yet still has outstanding steadiness.

During transportation or storage both pairs of legs can be folded inwards and disappear underneath the table top. Thus many tables can be stacked, transported or stored conveniently using only a small space.

Randers strengthens our range of flexible multi purpose tables by introducing the Table "DAY" - offering a table suitable to meet the challenging demands in rooms where a large variety of demands are requested such as canteens, meeting rooms and multi purpose centers. In such situations steady as well as light tables are needed, both easy to handle and quick to set up: fold and unfold.

The new tables are also available with suspension runners and marketed in 2 versions: DAY - the standard version that is in stock DAY LUX - the flexible individual version customized like all other Randers products - produced individually according to orders.

Hans Thyge Raunkjær

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