Hannes Wettstein A-maze Caprichair Chair
  • Hannes Wettstein A-maze Caprichair Chair
  • Hannes Wettstein A-maze Caprichair Chair
A-Maze is the result of a specific research aimed at developing an embroidered flexible fabric that could be applied to the Baleri Italia product collection or used for decorative panels and other applications of interior design. The embroidery is applied by special machines in an industrial process and while it enhances the aesthetic quality of the fabric surface of the product it also complements its serial nature.

The name A-Maze plays on the combinations of two words. The maze quality originates from the continuous track of the embroidery machine which follows an harmonious line in an intricate pattern that makes it difficult for the eye to recognize its beginning and end.

The surprise derives from the simple possibility to obtain a complex embroidered pattern from serial industrial production, rather than from limited edition manual craft and that consequently becomes as feasable for the residential use as for contract projects.

A-Maze uses a composite material with a circular cross-section traditionally used in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture to reinforce the rims of stitching. In this specific version it features an internal core of twisted cotton and an outer sleeve of spun plastic acetate which enhances the brightness of the colors. It is applied to the fabric base with a spun nylon thread to provide the right flexibility.

Hannes Wettstein

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