Hani Rashid LQ - Chandelier
  • Hani Rashid LQ - Chandelier
The LQ chandelier, designed by Hani Rashid, is the spectacular first launch in this exciting Collection. "LQ" is the New York architect's humorous reference to louis Quatorze, the "Sun King", and a modern interpretation of the opulent crystal chandeliers of the 18th and 19th centuries, but without using crystal, glass or candles. exciting visual effects and a complex set of relations between form and light are created solely by using specific geometrical principles, bundling minimal surfaces into a multifaceted reflector and precisely arranging innovative LED light sources.

The basic unit of the modular chandelier is a pendant luminaire consisting of a LED lighting module and four chrome-plated light-directing components. A highly distinctive design feature is the downwardly opening tulip-like shape of the chrome-plated components, which emphasises the chandelier's avant-garde look. Assembling four small pendant luminaires creates a magnificent chandelier that uses the principles of iteration and reflection to produce its special lighting effect.

A single chandelier is placed above a bar, stand-up table or sideboard, for example, whereas the quad element provides the perfect spatial effect above tables and in any situation where a candelabra would previously have been the right choice. Multiple quad elements can be arranged to suit individual customer's requirements - creating individual lighting objects as eye-catching features for large areas, galleries or historic halls.

From a lighting technology viewpoint, the LQ chandelier is also excitingly high-tech: each LED module in the centre of the pendant luminaire has three individual LED light sources with attached optics which fan out light and produce intriguing interplays of reflected light on the chrome-plated light-directing components. the lighting effect of the chandelier is achieved by reflection, yet the "source of enlightenment", the LED module, is imperceptible to the beholder.

Hani Rashid

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