Green Stras Chair
  • Green Stras Chair
  • Green Stras Chair
  • Green Stras Chair
  • Green Stras Chair
This chair is a small masterpiece. A gracefully understated form, a meticulous but never characterless choice of colours, a look that speaks of style; and thanks to the rhinestones, it also has that touch of class that not everyone may have, but which everyone will appreciate. It will make an impression without making a hole in your budget.

This sturdy looking collection has a very Italian feel with its attractive lines and chiclooking minimalist appeal, reflecting current trends with the eye-catching rhinestone finish.The standard seat can be combined with the backrest to give a variety of customized products “on demand”, just like all the other GREEN products.

This outdoor scene has the charm of a splendid country house, the sweeping loggia conveying the desire to bring the
inside seamlessly out into the garden. Needless to say the furnishings, colours, and sparkling rhinestone finish are equally sophisticated. The absolute ultimate in luxury.

For small spaces or large installations, stackable chairs are always the ideal solution when you need a product that will adapt to its changing surroundings.

You can customize or add further comfort to the chairs by fitting a soft, removable seating pad.

A new combination: the standard seat plus armrests together create an extremely comfortable but stackable chair that is ideal for both communal or more private spaces.

Size: l 52 w 56 h 82 hs 45,5 c

Size: l 56 w 56 h 78 hs 45,5 c