Giuseppe Viganò Bed & Breakfast Sofa Bed
  • Giuseppe Viganò Bed & Breakfast Sofa Bed
Bed & Breakfast is a sofa-bed with a manual/non-manual mechanism that allows the backrest to be reversed and it to be transformed into a comfortable bed with a simple movement. The sofa-bed is easy to open due to the presence of a small strap under the base and the particular structure of the netting, which, by sliding horizontally through a toothed groove mechanism creates an elongation of the supporting area; Bed & Breakfast comprises 4 elements: the Sofa-Double bed; the Chaise Longue - single bed, the design is enhanced by the Armchair and the Pouf (fixed component). The maxi support cushions can be used as a small quilt when used in their entirety, once folded and closed by the two wooden frogs offers excellent ergonomics as a seat back. With completely removable covers.

SOFA (double bed): 200 cm x 105 cm - 200 cm x 140 cm;
CHAISE LONGUE (single bed): 165 cm x 105 cm - 200 x 105 cm;
ARMCHAIR: 105 cm x 105 cm;
POUF: 105 cm x 105 cm;
CUSHIONS: 90 cm x 110 cm

Giuseppe Viganò

Saba Italia