Giulio Cappellini Flexi Container
  • Giulio Cappellini Flexi Container
FLEXI CONTAINER SYSTEM was designed to renew, modernize and complete the Systems catalogue: simple, as the best solutions always are, and flexible as Cappellini modular containers have always been.

FLEXI CONTAINER SYSTEM is above all the key to a versatile world, capable of taking on different shapes and sizes to satisfy the Customer’s needs and imagination. Versatile in the size of the units, offered in four height, four width and two depth measurements; versatile in its finishes: the system is available lacquered in 40 macroter colours, 39 glossy, 7 matt, and in a sandy coloured melamine version; versatile in its details, from the five types of handles: lacquered, chrome-plated, in satinated stainless steel or anodized aluminium, all with an astounding graphic design; to the three models of leaves: hinged, sliding and folding; and the three drawer unit variants available in melamine, lacquered or in glass and arranged in many different solutions and compositions; versatile in its accessories, simple and functional. All these features make CONTAINER SYSTEM an all-round solution, suitable for use not only in bedrooms but also in living rooms and offices, due to its thick shelves and its two depth measurements available.

Giulio Cappellini