Gijs Papavoine Romeo Chair
  • Gijs Papavoine Romeo Chair
  • Gijs Papavoine Romeo Chair
Romeo is an easy chair with a high back for exceptional seating comfort. The back and arms form a basin-like unit of even density containing a thick, soft cushion. The rounded basin fans out in an upward direction and supports the head comfortably from behind in all directions. The straight lines of the armrests cut sharply into the rounded shapes at right angles. The interplay of rounded shapes and straight lines makes the design both smooth and crisp. The back and soft seat cushions give Romeo matchless seating comfort.

The (stainless steel) frame is a swivel base.

The colour or material of the seat cushion upholstery can differ from that of the body.

The solitaire footstool completes the Romeo perfectly in both a formal as well as an ergonomically way.

Romeo’s proportions (w x d x h):
Easy chair: 71 x 85 x 95 cm
Seat Height: 45 cm
Footstool (diameter(ø) x h): ø 53 x 41 cm

Gijs Papavoine