Gijs Papavoine Castor Armchair
  • Gijs Papavoine Castor Armchair
The Castor translates opulent, old-fashioned comfort into an elegant new shape. From a narrow base, the back fans out into a curved ‘collar’, this completely surrounds the user at the back and sides. Castor is made of moulded foam and therefore guarantees the retention of form.

The additional ottoman continues the shape of the Castor fluently; therefore the 2 elements can be combined perfectly.

The wooden legs are unashamedly nostalgic. The mat chromium-plated feet give the Castor a much more modern look.

Castor´s proportions (w x d x h):
Easy chair: 82 x 90 x 101 cm
Seat height: 42 cm
Ottoman: 45 x 60 x 40 cm

Gijs Papavoine