Gijs Papavoine Axel Seating
  • Gijs Papavoine Axel Seating
  • Gijs Papavoine Axel Seating
  • Gijs Papavoine Axel Seating
  • Gijs Papavoine Axel Seating
Is the ideal sofa for any living room

A cubist tight surrounds is filled with soft cushions of a latex and dacron mixture, which give Axel not only great comfort, but also an inviting and cosy appearance. The materials are made of the best quality, which guarantees that the filling will stay in shape for many years.
The height of the seat is chosen quite high in order to simplify the standing up.

In addition to the standard pillows there is also the option of firmer seat and back pillows. The firmer pillow has been developed because of the request for a more active sitting position from which it is easier to get up from a chair.

An adjustable headrest is optional and can be positioned by choice.

Axel is available with legs of stainless steel that are almost hidden from view, as a result of which the couch seems to have no connection with the floor. Axel can also be ordered with elegant solid wooden legs that give the sofa a warm and retro touch. NEW is the foot with stainless steel look.

NEW is the swivel base for the Axel 1-seater. The swivel base is provided in stainless steel with an automatic return, which makes the chair turn back to the original position.

Because of all different elements and sizes like for example corner, 45° angle and chaise longue Axel has more than 40 possible options to create different configurations. To the options of Axel belong also the large and small ottomans.

Axel’s proportions (w x d x h):
1-seater: 75 x 93 x 63 cm
1,5-seater: 103 x 93 x 63 cm
2-seater: 131 x 93 x 63 cm
2,5-seater: 159 x 93 x 63 cm
3-seater: 190 x 93 x 63 cm
3,5-seater: 218 x 93 x 63 cm
4-seater: 246 x 93 x 63 cm
5-seater: 302 x 93 x 63 cm

Seat height: 43 cm

Ottoman: 93 x 93 x 43 cm

Gijs Papavoine