Gerardo Marì Librespiral Bookcase
  • Gerardo Marì Librespiral Bookcase
  • Gerardo Marì Librespiral Bookcase
  • Gerardo Marì Librespiral Bookcase
The Librespiral bookcase develops vertically to host as many books as possible. Noticeable is the intelligence and simplicity of the design that lies behind Librespiral: the modules rotate on the central structure.

It gets as tall as 170 cm but it is light because of its asymmetry and the harmonic alternation of empty and filled spaces. The configuration of the shelves is very open so that the subtle structure disappears leaving the books completely visible. They, in fact, create the irregular and captivating sequential shape of the bookcase. The wheels that made Librespiral mobile have been substituted by a system that rotates on its axis. As a result, it is possible to position the bookcase in the middle of a room as well as in other low-profile corners where only one or two sides are accessible.

The manufacturing process is simple. The use of the materials is optimized. The choice of using one material only makes it easier for recycling. The sturdiness and simplicity of the materials make of it a long lasting product. And last but not least, every single aspect highlights a design aiming at reducing the energy impact of every step of the product life cycle.

Librespiral is absolutely versatile and ideal for home use but also suitable for a working environments and public spaces. It is extremely resistant and its clean and basic style makes it a multipurpose product.

width 520 mm
height 1700 mm
depth 520 mm

Gerardo Marì