Gerard van den Berg Kubik Settee
  • Gerard van den Berg Kubik Settee
Timeless & elegant

Rather than making an upright settee with an inclined seat, this design is based on a settee that itself already incorporates the slope of the seat. The resulting shape is that of an inclined cube, truncated horizontally at the top. The way in which other designers have imitated the Kubik is an indication of the fact that the basic thinking behind this design is new and has elements of immortality.
Kubik can furnish a whole living room because of its easy chair in combination with the 2,5-seater.

The base of Kubik is only available in chrome.

Kubik is available in the following dimensions (w x d x h):
Easy chair: 90 x 90 x 75 cm
2,5-seater: 165 x 90 x 77 cm
Seat Height: 44 cm

Gerard van den Berg