Gabriele Rosa Clino Wall Cabinet
  • Gabriele Rosa Clino Wall Cabinet
Nothing is ever the same after the apparition of the monolith. It changes the way we see reality. Even Gabriele Rosa, one of Italy’s most promising designers, hints at a leap in knowledge and prospective with his monolith, Clino. The designer says: “The design is based on a gesture which could be considered arbitrary and which consists of positioning an element freely in the space available. This action pushes rationalist logic to the limit, a logic which is generally and historically considered authoritative, legitimate and absolute. What I find interesting is that something unexpected, dynamic and even more expressive springs from it and that this thing is just as capable of accomplishing what it was designed for.

And what is more important and, in some ways, more mysterious, is that the object, just like the critical attitude it originates from, is both destabilizing and extremely seductive”.

The Clino wall cabinet is made of MDF with mitred joints and is available in three versions:

1. door and sides with a super mirror steel finish and white interior
2. all-over white RAL 9010 lacquered finish with a “peach skin” effect
3. door with a super mirror steel finish, sides and interior with a matt white lacquered “peach skin” finish.

Clino is a multi-purpose container because various types of shelves can be fitted inside it, for example a wine glass holder shelf as in a cocktail cabinet or shoe shelves to hold around 16-18 pairs.

Gabriele Rosa