Fredrik Mattson Fatback Sofa
  • Fredrik Mattson Fatback Sofa
  • Fredrik Mattson Fatback Sofa
How do people really sit, and how is a sofa constructed? That was the question when Fatback was designed. In Fatback you can sit, lay and hang as you like, even on the backrest.

Fatback is a modular sofa made of linkable easy chairs and additional curved sections. Fatback is suitable for cafés, waiting areas, lounges, and many more interiors. Use our design tool to configure your own Fatback! A whole circle of curved sections consists of 20 pieces, so to make a 90 degree corner you need 5 pieces. When Fatback is used as easy chairs we recommend you use the straight section and the round section only as an add-on section. A big circle will have an outer diameter of 4.5 metres and an inner diameter of 2.5 metres.

Possible to sit on backrest

Frame of steel and wood. Moulded polyurethane foam upholstered in fabric or leather. Chromed steel legs.

Whole circle, 20 pcs, inner Ø: 2500
Whole circle, 20 pcs, outer Ø: 4500

Fabric requirements [cm]:
Width 130-150: 300/2 pcs
Width 130-150: 200/1 pcs

Standard design
Underframe in chromed steel. Upholstered in polyurethane foam.

Additional design
Available with CMHR foam for projects.

Measurements  (mm)
Seat height 355
Overall height 605
Seat width 600/section
Seat depth 566
Overall depth 1000
Cbm 2,0/4 pcs

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