Fred Bould Aura Table Lamp
  • Fred Bould Aura Table Lamp
Sensual and alluring, Aura’s glowing shade uses an optical film insert to create a hypnotic candle-like appearance that can be brightened or dimmed to any desired intensity. Available in table, floor, and pendant models.

Discover the joy of modern lighting with the Aura Table. The table lamp version of the Aura achieves the same diffuse grace as its floor-based companion. Positioned on a table, however, the Aura Table creates ambient lighting higher in the room. Where many table lamps call attention to themselves for their light, the Aura's ambience is subtle and unobtrusive.

Modern lighting designers use ambient illumination such as this for a key change, so to speak, in a room's overall tone. With use of the dimmer, you can raise or lower the voice on this ambient table lamp until it is pitch-perfect.

Fred Bould