Fred Bould Aura Pendant Lamp
  • Fred Bould Aura Pendant Lamp
Sensual and alluring, Aura’s glowing shade uses an optical film insert to create a hypnotic candle-like appearance that can be brightened or dimmed to any desired intensity. Available in table, floor, and pendant models.

The ceiling lamp version of the Aura not only casts ambient light as its siblings do, it throws its illumination off the ceiling from which it hangs. Ceiling lamps have always offered the most common solution to lighting a room. Attached to a ceiling, a light fixture is out of the way and perfectly positioned to light a space most democratically and completely. But their strength in illumination can also be their shortcoming: ceiling lamps are removed from a room's usable space and furniture. And they tend to be less mobile than floor and table lamps.

The Aura Pendant is streamlined and simple, presenting a perfectly unobtrusive ceiling light. Designed as an ambient light, it is perhaps more so when used as a ceiling lamp. As with its siblings, the Aura Pendant can be dimmed across the full range of lighting intensity.

Fred Bould